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To communicate directly with the obesity clinic at a hospital Kaink sympathy Dammam
  Clinic Obesity Clinic
  Hospital sympathy
  Dammam - A neighborhood
King Fahd Street - Saad bin Abi Waqas
  New Medical Tower
  Behind the clinic Moroccan
  Contact numbers from within the Kingdom
  Tel: 038200000
Ext: 4460 or 4461
  Mobile Clinic Coordinator: 0596399963
  Contact numbers from outside the Kingdom
Phone: 0096638200000
Ext: 4460 or 4461
  Mobile Clinic Coordinator: 00966596399963
  Dates for direct contact and booking appointments
  From Saturday to Wednesday
From 8 am to 4 pm
  Or you can send a message on the mobile phone and request an appointment with Dr.. Sultan Temyat
  With the need to send the following data
- Full Name
- Mobile Number
- City and country
- The Age
- Length
- Weight
- Any disease due to obesity